SHIIP volunteer Peter Adland counseling Durham senior Betty Green


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Medicare Insurance Counselor*

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We are not currently accepting new Medicare Insurance Counseling/SHIIP volunteers.

Our paid staff is supported by a wonderful group of office volunteers who assist with a range of projects and daily tasks. Their in-kind help enables us to save thousands of dollars per year and get a lot more work done! We greatly appreciate their extra hands and welcoming, helpful manner with participants – both on the phone and in person. Our current team of volunteers are: Peter Adland, Helen Alexander, Lori Armistead, Linda Autry, Marilyn Bailey, Shelley Beason, BJ Boyarsky, Bill Boyarsky, Gretchen Cooley, Jim Drennan, Collette Driscoll, David Farrell, Beth Hammett, Bruce Hays, Anna Jaggers, Sandy Lyles, Ann Carole Moylan, Bill Nesmith, Joanie Richards, Tim Sanford, Alan Stone, and Joan Walsh.