Get Help

SPA provides four primary services to support the well-being of Durham residents 60 and older:

1. Direct financial assistance to help Medicare-eligible seniors pay for medicines when their
income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level (monthly income of $2,023/single;
$2,743/couple). We issue a pharmacy card participants can use at any community
pharmacy, providing secondary coverage to their Medicare-approved drug plan. Those who
qualify for Medicare’s “full” low-income subsidy, don’t need our financial help but receive our
other services (below).

2. Medication management with clinical pharmacists trained in geriatrics, who work
directly with participants, caregivers and providers to increase the benefits and
decrease the risks from medicines.

3. Tailored community referral and care management linking seniors to other valuable
community and governmental resources, such as medical transportation, in-home
aide services and Medicare subsidies.

4. Medicare insurance counseling to ensure individuals have access to straightforward,
accurate information that leads to good medical and prescription coverage decisions.

The best way for anyone to receive assistance from Senior PharmAssist is for them to call our office to make an appointment. During that phone call, we will gather important information to help guide us in how we can best help the individual.

To make an appointment call 919-688-4772.