We have stories to tell

The words participants share with us about how our services improve their lives fuel our passion to serve older adults. We hope the brief videos on this page will give you a better sense of what we mean. Senior PharmAssist extends special thanks to the seniors, including volunteers, featured in these stories, as well as videographers Patricia Murray, Will Atwater, Claudia Johnson, Virginia Scruggs and Lesley Williams. Special thanks also to DurhamCares and the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.

The Part of the Blanket That Keeps You Warm from Center for Documentary Studies on Vimeo.

Testimonials from other participants

“We didn’t know anything about these Medicare drug plans or the people involved with them, but we knew we could trust Senior PharmAssist.”

“Senior PharmAssist’s help means I can give more time and energy to my grandchildren instead of worrying about my medicines.”

“Senior PharmAssist has helped my mother maintain her health, her attitude and her daily activities … I will go so far as to say it has kept my mother alive.”

“I could just hug you right now. You have given me hope we can get this sorted out.”

“You’re just full of information today, and I sure appreciate it! Here I am medicated to the gills and didn’t even know it. Some days my mind never does seem to wake up.”

“I like coming here because I can ask questions, and you don’t mind answering them.”

“Many folks love me, but Senior PharmAssist cares for me. Love is a wonderful thing, but you can give me CARE any time!”